Sunday, November 29, 2009


The month of November is almost over... We are embarking on the Holidays, the grand one.

I think of all the things I have to be thankful for, and don't have enough time to write them all down.

I am so thankful for having such a blessed life. There are so many people out there that have it worse than I,, or don't feel as blessed as Ido.

We are all so blessed, in so many, different ways.

We have our health, our families, our friends. We have homes we live in, cars we drive, and jobs to support us. A lot of this, we take for granted way to much.

When I was a young girl, I wanted badly to be two things in this life.

I have accomplished both of these things, not mastered.

1. a Wife

2. a Mother

I feel that without eachother, these are nothing to me. I needed to love someone with all of my heart, and I needed that love back. I get this from Joe. He gives me such unconditional love and support, that at times, I feel I don't deserve it.

Talk about unconditional love. My kids.

Braxton is my prince Charming, my romance, my little rock. He is always there telling me how pretty and "skinny" I am. Always mentioning how he wants to buy me diamonds.

He is there to wipe my tears, and also to hear my apoligies, when I am not the most perfect mommy.

My little Brynlee, our princess. She has taught me so much in her short 1 1/2 years with us.

Her smile, her soft cry, her words that only I can understand. Her hugs and now her kisses.

The way she looks at me, the way I look at her.

I never felt such a deep love, until these two appeared in my life.

I can never forget the true unconditional love, that of my 4 legged kids.

My Smokey, bless his soul, left me 2 years ago, and it still feels like just yesterday. My heart aches to hold him, to be yelled at by him, to hear his purr.

My sweet best friend in the UNIVERSE, my Bebe a Lebe, my Sassy Jo.

She has been with me for 16 + years, and never leaves me. She understands me, and loves me.

My Scooby Snax... Her chunkiness, her loving personality, and the thump as she jumps on my lap...

Deezer Liz, Gizmo... Circus Kitty jumps, the lick of my nose, the rubbing on my head...

B Ball, Snow ball. His snuggles into my neck, and lips kisses no one can match.

Our Sweet Molly, oh how she has brought so much joy to our family. Her puppy personality, yet her motherly touch to our kids.

Max... My little guard dog, my mushy face. He is always there at my feet in the morning, and in my bed at night.

Our little Trixie Lou Who.( Turtle) We love her so, we let her roam on the kitchen floor, take her outside in the summer, and let her get lost, where Molly can find her.

My house is a full one, but such a happy one too.

I hope everyone had a beautiful thanksgiving, and gave thanks to the man above for all of the wondrous things he has provided us with.

Friday, October 30, 2009

It's almost Time!!

We are so stinking excited, at the Morton household, for HALLOWEEN!

We have our costumes, and our house and yard decorated!

It has been a fun month, with a Trick or Treat Bootique, and school things!

Braxton this year, is now " Jedi". He picked out the costume while we were at Disney World in Sept.

He has been invited to his first Hallween Party, which is today. He is super excited, to work some jedi powers on the other kids!

Brynlee was spoiled, and our wonderful friend Rozzi, made her costume. She is Snow White.

She doesn't have the dark hair anymore, but maybe Snow White, wanted to lighten up her locks anyway, right?

Joe is going to be a Pirate! Boy am I excited for that one! He has the whole get up, and I am hoping to get some pic's done tomorrow!!!

Me, well, I am spoiled too, and Rozzi custom made my costume, and I will be Snow White too.

I will have the hair though, and the horrible red lipstick, and bright red cheeks.

We have Miko, Brian and their kids coming over tomorrow, along with Crumpa. He is going to take the kids out trick or treating.

We will also go and visit Great Grandma Wilson, so she can see the kids in their costumes, and afterwards, may hit a mall for some trick or treating.

Pizza for dinner, and a spooky yard for our guests.... I can't wait!

Here are some pic's from the show, in my costume, and also some phone pic's of the kids in theirs!

I hope everyone has a safe, but FUN halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I need a sounding board....

I will apologize first, if this gets to long. I am in much need of a sounding board, and am going to use my chance!

The past month has been hell around here. Not with Joe and I, but with people in our lives!!!
It really started in July, when we found out that yet again, Joe's family has been running their mouths. A lot of hurtful things were said and blame put on us, for things we did not do, but they did.
At that point, after 13 years of this, Joe had had enough and called his mom to confront her.
She indirectly admitted to something, and denied the rest. You would think an apology would have come at some point, but did not.
Well, she didn't call Joe for a few months, at the point, when she did, apparently, he wouldn't take her calls. ( I don't know for sure, as this was while he was at work.)
Now, for the past 13 yrs. these people have blamed me for everything under the sun, refusing to put the blame on Joe for the things he was doing or not doing. You see, I want you all to know that I have had a gun to his head for 13 yrs. Yes, you know me!!! I am evil, a bitch, and dislike people for no reason at all. So, I wonder why I get called a rug, if these things are true? Something to think about, right?
Anyway, Joe's mom FINALLY called our house in October, yes October. June-October?
Leaving a message, crying that she wanted to see the kids, still no apology, as I don't deserve one and neither does Joe.
In the midst of all of this, we have heard from Joe's dad few times, but no sibling calls.
Now, the same week that his mother called, his uncle ( STEP UNCLE ) decide to post something nasty about Joe on a mutual friends facebook site. Let me rewind a bit, about a month ago, this same man, also posted some very hurtful things about me on MY FACEBOOK SITE. Do you think anyone stood up for me, I think not.... Also, his cousin, posted some opionionated things on my site , and with the combination of both, Joe decided to delete his family off of my site, minus a handful. But, again, that was me with my gun.......
So, after Joe's uncles nasty remarks about Joe's BALLS, I decided enough was enough. I am so done with the mudslinging, and I will confront who Joe and I feel is responsible, his mother and step dad.
So I place the call, of course after talking to Joe about it first. It was a 4 minute message I left her. Mind you, I did not swear or name call, but I was very stern and brutally honest.
You see, with all this going on for 13 years, all my son knows of them is the way they hurt me. They have said and done things in front of him, that had him in tears, and by this point, Braxton is walking around saying" She isn't my grandma". Yes, he is young, but a very wise child. He can tell my emotions, and he can see the way they treat me.
So I mention in the call the way Braxton feels and the way her son feels, and that her issues are with him, as I no longer want anything to do with Joe's family. Please forgive me, but 13 years of being blamed, back stabbed, you name it, and I am done dealing with them. I don't owe them anything. I don't want negative people in my life. That is it, period! Nor around my children, when these same people yell at me inside restaurants, and you know why? Because I was helping her son and his family in a time of need. Just so you know, they don't like his wife either, or they didn't for 22 yrs.

If you know me, I am the one who always stands up for people, therefor I am the bitch. I figure if you want to sling mud, do it fairly. This family doesn't know how to do that. I don't have anything to say that I won't or haven't said to your face, and further more, I don't appreciate being blamed for words that I DID NOT SAY, that someone else did!

So, after this phone call, it has been peaceful. No drama coming into my facebook, or emails. My phone is not ringing, well, it only rang that one time anyway.

I feel bad for making her feel bad, as I am quite certain that is what happened, and although I wanted to apologize, I did not. Why? I am done. Just done with it all. I have never gotten an apology from them, never will, and I meant business with that call.

It gets even more sad. So Joe proceeds to tell me how he really doesn't know his family, he never has, and that it has just been control things with them. He mentioned something that if I heard my brother say, I would just die of a broken heart. I can not repeat it. That is for him to tell his siblings, not me.....

You know, I have come to learn a lot in life, and I can appreciate a lot more by having the knowledge I have.

People come in and out of your life for a reason. This is true, however, when people are a constant negative, unsupportive, un kind, then you have that choice whether you continue to let such people stay in your life. I have made my choice and so has Joe.

One thing they never could learn is to shut their damn mouths. They would talk to whoever would listen. Trust me, I have had people I don't know confront me on things, or things said that I only knew came from them. So you would think the philosophy of " I don't have to go home with them at night" would work, it doesn't. You know, there are 3 sides to a story, his. hers and the truth.

I have spent years feeling about myself, the way they try to make me look to others. I feel ugly, and mean, and unloved. Well, sorry. Those days are over. I am not ugly, nor mean, or even unloved.
I have a huge support system in my life, from my side of the family, to friends. I don't need them.
Now, for future reference, I did take the gun down away from Joe's pretty face and told him that he could go see these people if he ever wanted to. My only stipulation is the kids don't go without me. If these people will tear me apart in front of my kids, what will they do when I am not there?
You would think they would have enough respect for me, that I gave birth to these kids, but maybe Joe did that on his own. Who knows.

I feel strongly that family is not who you are born with or into, but those that you choose to love and who choose to love you back.

I don't think anyone deserves to be abused in such manners by family, and that it is okay, because they are family. If people truly loved their family, they would love them for who they are, not criticize them for the person they aren't.

I love all people, I have LDS friends, Catholic friends, gay, lesbian and straight friends. I have hispanic, white and african american friends. I have friend with college degrees, many without, friends with kids, friends without.
Now, I may not always agree with what they do, but that is what makes our relationships so wonderful. We have knowledge to gain from one another. I am not in their shoes, nor they in mine. We don't always see eye to eye, but we always feel our hearts to heart.
I love all of you who support me and continue to do so. I love that you have let me into your lives to get to know you better, and further more, have taken the time to do the same back with me.
You know, I have gotten really tired of always being the one to initiate relationships. Always make the call, so I really appreciate when you all do that for me.
I know our lives get busy, I know we have families, but you should know that I am always thinking of you in some way or another, and that I love you dearly.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Braxton is 5 now! He celebrated with a pizza and movie party with his friends from the neighborhood and school. Was that a crazy day or what? Too many kids, too little adults to handle them!

He was spoiled rotten with gifts and attention, and even with the food.

He had cupcakes to serve and the pizza didn't last long.

Miko and Brian came up and helped with the kids, and let's just say, the kids won!

All in all it was a funtabulous day for my little man!

We also went to dinner at Tepanyaki to celebrate with Grandma & Crumpa Wilson.

Sushi and chopsticks is the only way to celebrate!!!

Last Day of Preschool!

Wow! Tears of joy! The last day of preschool for Braxton, and now looking upon Kindergarten.

My baby is 5, and going on 20 already.

Not much of a summer ahead, due to my recovery, but we will fit in some fun times, fun visits, and of course, SCHOOL SHOPPING!

Braxton had some wonderful teachers at preschool. He also made some awesome friends, Ian is one of them.

He and Braxton have been going to preschool together for the past two years.

Both the boys are quite sad that they won't be going to the same elementary school.

Joe, Brynlee and I really enjoyed their last day program. They had an adorable video of all the kids and teachers, sang songs, told stories and served treats afterwards.

We are all excited for our new adventure with Midgie ( Braxton )!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My New Life!

This summer has been a crazy one. I made some decisions rather fast, and don't regret them one bit!

In June, after months of doing the gym thing 5 days a week, sometimes 2 hrs. each day, I made an appointment with my doctor to find out why I was not losing any weight, and hardly any inches.

My trainer Fallon and I were convinced that something was wrong with my metabolism, still think there is.... Well after a $400+ visit, nothing was wrong with me.

So after much frustration and tears, Joe had a talk with me.

He mentioned how I had always wanted to reduce the size of my chest, along with getting that "skin" taken off from my pregnancies.... Well, I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Motoki for a consult. I had the intentions to visit with many more doctors before I made my decision.

Naomi and I went to the appointment. I undressed and blew Naomi away! All of this sagging, and skin laid hidden in my clothing, until now. The truth about me is out!!!!

The doc and an assistant, Bonnie, came in. I felt so comfortable, and yet nervous at the same time.

What a reality check this was for me. They measured my breasts at an E, yes, E for elephant!!

After visiting with him, it was off to discuss options.

Naomi initially made the date for me, and I just followed up with it. It was set, July 22nd. A new me was on it's way.

Immediately, my whole innerself went through a makeover. I was not depressed, ashamed, embarrassed, I was excited and yet relieved!!!

I was going to have both procedures done, and was ready for it!

Recovery was to be 6-8 weeks, but with this story, I was only allowed 4 days!

So the date comes, I go in, I come out. My mom is here to help out with the kids for 11 days, I should be ready for the world after some relaxing, little did I know.....

My mom slowly was becoming irritable. All I could do was lay on the couch, and get up to walk every so often. The pain was minimal, lucky for me, Naomi spent the next 4 days here at my side constantly.

I had 4 drain tubes that needed to be measured and drained, tubes to be milked, wraps to be put on, Ted hose to be put on also, and pills to be taken.

Into day 3, my mom is obviously on edge. I confronted her with offering a break, and at that point she blew. Poor Naomi was here to hear it all. My mom stood at the stairs while I laid on the couch, yelling.

A few hours later, I thought she had cooled down, well, nope. She came up stairs, informed me that she would be leaving the next morning.

What can I say? I just smirked, knowing this was expected, and scrambled to figure out what I was going to do.

Naomi and I left the house. I felt so betrayed!! How could a mother do this to her child, and yet even her grand children? My poor kids felt she hated them, and poor Brax, the most.

So the next morning, now word, letter, nothing, and my mom was gone.

To this day, I have not gotten a call, and don't expect to. I don't think I have much to say to her at this point, as she really left Joe and my kids hanging and that is where my anger stems from.

Sooooo, Naomi and Joe managed to start getting me moving as I knew that Monday, I would be home alone with the kids. I can not lift Bryn, and am very limited as to what I can do.

I got showered, and got a new attitude. I can DO THIS! and I DID!

Monday came, Joe left for work, and I managed the house. Now, no housework was done, meals were heated, but hey, Joe came home to a house of smiling faces. WE HAD DONE IT!

With the help from my then 5 yr. old, now 20 year old Braxton, we handled it all!!!

We had Nay come in and check on us from time to time, but my partner in crime, Brax, managed to be my hands and legs.

The Wednesday following my surgery, I was to be in Ogden for a 3 day outdoor show.

My dad really stepped up to the plate on this one.

He came up to the hotel on Wed. night, he and Rose, and He and Joe set me up Thursday.

Joe and I manned the booth all day Thursday, and that night, Joe and Rose both had to leave, so it was us Wilson's left, to take care of 2 kids. 1 Gimp, and 1 old man.

Well, Dad got stuck on poopy diaper duty, and didn't complain much. Now if Bryn could talk, it would be fun to see what she thinks about that!

My dad and I on little sleep, did the show, in the heat, on the asphalt, and had a blast doing it. Okay, so the pain pills helped a little, wooo hooo!

The show didn't have many sales, but there was hidden blessings inside of it all.

Now, I am recovering just fine. My breasts are tiny, my tummy is tight, and I feel so BEAUTIFUL!

I have not felt beautiful since I had Braxton.

If asked if I would do this all over again, you gotta be kidding me...... HELL YEAH!

Hopefully I will have pictures to post soon. I didn't get any before ones, but am hoping my doc posts them on his site. If he does, I will post the link.

I am so proud of myself for doing this. I am so thankful for my hubby, kids, Naomi and my dad, for helping me through it all.

Til Next Time.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The show from HELL

I wake up Saturday morning, nervous and excited for my big show at South Towne Expo.
The drive over is great, got the kids in the car, and Britney Spears blasting for me and Brax to sing along to.
We arrive and I head into the expo. Got the tune " On my radar" going through my head.....
It is 7:30, and my event manager is supposed to be here to let me in my rooms so we can start mapping it out, and taping it off, for the booths....
Well, he isn't.
I find someone, who let's me in my rooms, when I then realize that my 3 rooms, are only 2 rooms.
Joe peaks into the 3rd room to find a billion chairs set up for some sort of conference, and the wall divider still in place.
We don't panic, instead we start taping off what we can.
Finally at about 8 ish, my manager shows up, and drops the BOMB!!!!
2 out of 4 shows going on today have been cancelled, and you know what? Those 2 were the big ones!!!!
I don't panic again, since I had placed that AWESOME ad in the trib and deseret news. Hello, my show is just fine!!!
So I decide to pull a vendor meeting to notify them of this, and give them the option of not working Sunday if it is slow.
Well, this is where it all starts hitting the fan.....
I have 1 vendor set up and immediately tear down ( forgetting to pay me the booth fee) then about 2 hrs. later, the seated massage people are outta there! Oh yeah, at about 2 a jewelry vendor decides to leave, starting a whole ricochet effect with vendors. They are all tearing down, and the show is supposed to go til 6. Well, 7 out of my 25 or so vendors decide to stay with me, and try again for Sunday.
You know, if is hard when you feel as if you let other people down, but you know what? I will be damned if I blame myself for this. It was outta my hands, and I NEED TO MAKE THE BEST OF THIS CRAPPY SITUATION! So I did!
Sunday, I found out we had 123 people walk through our show on Sat. and Sunday, I was able to get to know my vendors, get work done, network a little, and even visit with my uncle Lonnie for a few......
The day turned out to be one of the best, as I learned how much DRIVE I have. I am determined to do this! I am committed, and I will ride out the storm! I also have a few others that are willing to do it with me, I couldn't be more lucky!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ouch, I am getting DIZZY!

Okay, so as I posted last, I bought a gym membership. Can I say that, that was the best thing I have done all year?
Boy, what a reality check to be weighed, pinched, and all, by someone other than myself, friends or family. A STRANGER!
Fallon, she is my trainer, was worth in one visit, the cost of all 3!!!
I am comfortable with her, and do not feel the judgement that I even sometimes feel from friends.
I worked out with her today, and oh my hell!!!!!
I was doing some step things, and started getting dizzy. Yes, dizzy enough that I about passed out in the gym!
So, Fallon was off to get me a powerade, and it did help. Apparently, my blood sugar was QUITE LOW! I didn't eat long enough before my workout, and so I hadn't started digesting stuff. I would have never known that much. I guess I should have had the egg this morning , for some protein instead of the 1/2 cup of oatmeal, and fat free yoplait yogurt.
I am on a 1400 calorie a day diet, and you know what? I can still have CARBS!! Yes, CARBS!!
I have been having wheat bagels, wheat pasta ( not as yucky as I remember).
I got rid of the pop AGAIN, but am on crystal light and am loving it!
So, later today, Joe came home early, and we were off to the gym again.
Yes, I am really getting some awesome support from the hubby. He joined with me, FOR me, against his will, and it is sooooo nice having him with me. He has hopped on this lil diet part too, and didn't complain at dinner tonight.
If you are looking to get healthier, lose weight, etc. It is MUCH nicer to have someone supporting you, whether it is a friend, or your spouse.
I want to get some of my friends going with me too. I think we could teach each other a few tricks, not to mention, get to hang out, without the kids! How much fun would that be?
Who is up for it?
Anyway, thanks for listening to my fun, yet embarassing experience at the gym today. At least I didn't fart doing sit ups or something like that, YET..............................


Sunday, May 10, 2009

So Long ago.....

It has been a long time, since I have MADE the time to update this blog.

Boy, have I really let life get busy around here, and made other things my priorities.

Today, was the most wonderful Mother's Day! I couldn't have asked for a better day.

I was able to sleep in, lay in bed til 10, and even cuddle with the fam a little.

I was surprised with some beautiful artwork from my prince charming ( Brax ) and a much wanted gift certificate to the Buckle, for some cute capris!! It even included a personal shopping day, with the buckle, something new, I guess, sounds cool, either way.

After a bowl of cheerios, we were off to drop off some Mother's Day gifts, and then off to start MY day!

Of course, I wanted to go GOLFING!! Yes, the secret is out. I LOVE TO GOLF, although I REALLY suck.

I love getting out, hitting a ball, or diveting a bunch, and laughing at myself.

Now, NO, I do not take score, but I did make 1 hole, with 1 over par. Not to bad.

I ended up golfing bare foot, since I wore the CUTEST platform sandals. Yeah, stylin out there.

I can say, I did not lose my pink, breast cancer awareness ball, but Joe went through a few and even found a yellow one that read " SHIT" on it. That should have been my ball for the day.

Needless to say, a 5 yr. old, and an old guy, losing his hearing ( Joe ) kicked my arse, horribly today!

It was fun though, okay? Yup, family time, golfing = FUN.

Now, off on a scavenger hunt for a Sushi restaurant that is open at 2 on a Sunday. Yup, good freaking luck, here in Utah.

After trying 4 places, it was off to the zoo. We spent about an hour there, then off to Tepenyaki for my SUSHI!

There is nothing better than stuffing your face, and then heading to the.........

GYM! Yes, we took off, over to 24 Hr. Fitness...................................

A little bit of money later, and both JOE AND I are signed up!

If you know Joe, oh hell no, is he getting a pass, well he did.

We look at it this way, DATE NIGHTS! We NEVER get away from the kids, so why not put them in the play land, and we can work out TOGETHER, and enjoy quality time ALONE?

Besides, we both need to start working on healthier habits to incorporate into our lives, and the kids, and really need to set an example.

So, wish us luck! We are on a quest.... a healthier lifestyle!

Oh, and if I start looking way sexy really soon, I will have to thank my new PERSONAL TRAINER! Yup, this chunky chic, starts tomorrow morning. No putting it off.

So, I will update you soon, on my new habits ( not smoking, drugs, or fun stuff) my new workout regimin, dummies!!!

I hope all the mommies of 2 legged, and 4 leggeds had a great day. Mine could not have been better in any shape or form. Me and my family. Spending the day with the loves of my life...

Be back really soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boutique and Safe Kids Fair!

Hi guys!

Just thought I would remind you all about my boutique this weekend at the South Towne Expo.

WE are holding it in some of the conference rooms.

Along with this, the Safe Kids Fair is going on also.

Come bring the kids to learn about bicycle safety, stranger danger and more, for FREE!

Come in and see me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Well, I finally did it! It was hard, but worth it!

I had to have daily injections of the HCG hormone, and then limited myself to a 500 calorie a day diet.

It wasn't too bad, although, no carbs was killing me!

Apparently, I am THE CARB JUNKIE!

My daily meals consisted pretty much of a 4 oz. hamburger patty, seasoned, with some mustard, 1 apple or orange, and a handful of veggies, twice a day!

It was a filling meal, but like I said, NO CARBS was killing me!

I felt like Trixie my turtle, as if I was on her diet, with a bonus of meat!

All in all , I dropped 10-12 lbs, in 23 days.

I am getting ready for round #2, but have to wait another week.

Has anyone else out there tried this? What kind of success did you have?

I have a great friend who directed me to some HCG cooking sites, along with introducing me to STEVIA- a sugar substitute.

I also have not had caffeine in over a month. I have become a caffeine free coffe drinker now, and have NO pop either. Just water, coffee and tea. Is my life over?

Oh how I miss my love, mr. Dr. Pepper. I am sure he misses the touch of my lips also.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Life has been....

Holy Moly! It has been forever since I posted!
Christmas and New Years have come and gone! Where in the world have I been?
For starters, Christmas was fabulous! We opened presents in candle light ( power outage) and then my dad made us the infamous CREPES!! I pounded those as if there was no tomorrow.
The kids got spoiled rotten, and that will not happen again, okay MOM!
Braxton got an awesome race track and a DS from the man, and Binny got 2 cabbage patch dolls and a jungle entertainment toy.
It was awesome!
New Year's came and was gone. Not much happened here at the Morton household.
BACK TO WORK! After 1 great weekend off in 8 months, I went back to work, and did a boutique for the Fistula Foundation. Google it. Us mom's can relate, and it is a truly awesome cause. Hint: sneeze, pee
This past weekend was a bum deal. I did a BIG SHOW, not, at a place, that is turning into a flea market!
Now, flea markets are awesome to go to, but no one is looking to spend over $5 on one item , which makes it not so fun for me!
One good thing is, as usual, I met some great people and had fun doing girl talk for a few days! I hardly ever get girl talk, it is either 4 year old, or saying NO BRYNLEE all day long!
As for the kids, can you believe Braxton is almost 5? Not me! Gotta get something low key planned for him. He wants to try bowling, so we may go on a new adventure with him!

As for Brynlee, she is just about walking. We are going nuts with this girl. She is UNSTOPABLE! She keeps us busy, that's for sure!
Joe is slowly working, but slowly is better than none!
Let's just say, we are above the water, and aren't sinking at least for a few more months! ha ha ~!
We hope everyone had great holidays!

Much love-