Monday, September 8, 2008

Seeing the beauty in my Children's eyes...

Being a full time mom is quite the job.

I have my good days, and I have my bad days.

My children have their good days, and they also have their bad days.

Either way, either day, I am massively in love with my children.

I only wish that there were a way that I could see the world through their eyes.

The innocence, the purity, and the unclouded judgement of others.

The way they see a butterfly or a preying mantis for the first time.

Their first coo, words, or explanation of something.

The way they touch things and taste them to get the full effect.

The smile in their face and in their eyes, and the unconditional love in their heart.

The way they look at me, or run to me when they are hurt.

The tears in my son's eyes as I cry, and he holds me.

Finding their feet or hands for the first time, or learning to draw a face with a body.

I only wonder if they know how much they really do mean to me. How much of my life is dedicated to them, and them only.

How much I would love to give them the world and then some.

How I wish I could take away past, present and future pain from them.

How much I look up to them, and how they inspire me in so many ways, one of which, to do good in this life.

The awe I get when a new milestone has come and gone......

The tear in my eye and my heart as I realize they are growing, and soon will become an adult.

The joy I have of imagining their graduations, weddings, and the anticipation of seeing how beautiful my grandchildren will be one day.

If only they could see themselves through my eyes.....