Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Thanks!

It is that time of year again. Thanksgiving, so much to ponder, so much to be thankful for.

I feel I have had a pretty blessed life. I also know, it has had many ups and downs, but I am so thankful for the downs, since they have made me who I am today.

I actually like myself these days, minus my weight, I feel pretty good.

I like that I have friends, and that I have met so many wonderful people, who like me too.

I guess I am a likeable girl, somthing I really didn't believe til recently.

I have a magnificent family. My mother adores me, and so does my brother.

My step dad is a great dad to me, along with a grandfather to my children.

My brother and Cynthia, are making a huge effort to be a part of my children's and my life.

My dad has recently come back into my life. Although we have missed out on 9 years, I am thankful for the future we have.

My step mom and I have developed a beautiful friendship and she is a wonderful doting grandmother to my children.

My inlaws and I have been also developing more deep relationships, and I am thankful for the roles they play so well in my children's lives and in ours.

Old friends and new, reconnecting, and future. I am blessed with my close knit family of friends, who give support and love to me, even during my bad moments!

I am thankful for extended family , and for finally getting to know them and their families. I have missed out on so much! So have they.

I have recently gone back to work, and I am so thankful for the self confidence it has given me, along with the ability to meet and help new people.

I have led a life that hasn't always been the best, I have done some things I am ashamed of, hurt people who didn't deserve it, and through it all, I am thankful for the compassion and forgiveness of others.

All of that has lead me to my most prized possessions, the true loves of my life, my husband and my two beautiful, healthy children.

Without our "team" I don't know who, or where I would be.

I have a prince charming, who looks past all of my faults and kisses my forehead every morning as he has for the past 12 years, only 4 mornings, he hasn't.

I have my other prince charming, who holds me, when mommy isn't having a good day, who asks me if I still love him, although he had an accident in his pants.

Of course I do, although I don't love the act.

I have a daughter, who in her eyes, I can again see the innocence of a child. The wonder she has, as she views something new.

I am very thankful that I have become a less judging person, although I still have my moments.

I hope to love everyone for who they are, not dislike for what they do.

I am thankful that we are all different in so many ways.

We are black or white, straight or gay, American, or Hispanic, a mom or not.

We are all different, which adds so much more excitement to this world.

Some of us brilliant with numbers, some of us not.

We help and teach eachother, most of all , we love.

I am thankful that I love so deeply. That I put my all in relationships.

I love the way I love the people in my life. I celebrate that.

I am blessed to be able to have the ability to speak my mind. To see things the way I do, yet be open to others.

I have my own choices, and I make them on my own.

I am thankful for that first beer, from that I learned , but it took a long time. How about that first boyfriend? Who taught me about letting go.
My critters who have stayed with me through thick and thick, oh and thin!
Even though the door is open to leave, they all come back to me!

Most of all, I am thankful that you are around to read this.

You are there for me, and there for my family.

I hope you continue your unconditional love and support for me and my beautiful little family, during my good times and bad, my ups and downs, and always be by my side, even if you aren't on my side.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Much love,


Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Gang's all here!

FiNaLlY- We made some time to do our family pictures, they are about 5 mos. over due!

Naomi was nice enough to meet us out at Gardner Village, and we did some trade work.

I did their photos, they did ours.

We went out to Garnder Village,( sunday's are empty there) and strolled around and took a few shots.

The elves were out and about also! It was fun, getting out, and seeing all of the decor out there.
I hear that there is a place online that we can print a sheet for an elf hunt. Sounds like I will be googleing that one soon!

Anyway, enjoy these new photos! We sure do!

Thanks Nay!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Bedding, finally!

So Joe and I have not bought new bedding in over 6 yrs.

It is sad, I know, and what we do have is getting disgusting.

Stains, tears, you name it!

The other night, I was laying in bed, and I went to pull the comforter and sheets up to my chest, and riiiip, my fingers tore through.

We are so ghetto!

We have a king size bed, and for bedding it is over $150 for a bed set.

WELLLLLLL, not this time!
Are you sitting down? I managed to get TWO, yes TWO cute bed sets for under $225.

Bad part, no bed skirt, nice part, something no one else around has!

I can't wait to get these sets in and mix and match them.

I guess Joe isn't going to be to happy with the pink, but he will get over it soon.

You know, if your room is beautiful, you might attempt to spend more time in it, ESPECIALLY, your bed.

So my new project, when I make time between kids, work, work, work, and more work, is to REDO my bedroom. Any ideas? Any help?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween is over....

How sad, to see another holiday pass.

Halloween was great this year, especially the warm weather.

I don't recall this kind of weather for halloween.

I remember as a child, in my plastic bag costume of Princess Leia, and my plastic Leia mask, with the string to hold onto my head, I ALWAYS had a winter coat on underneath.

I don't remember being able to stay out late, as my face was frozen and my snot starting to flake on my face.

The kids had a great Halloween. Braxton as the Green Power Ranger, and Binny as Tinker Bell.

Uncle Marc flew in, to take Braxton trick or treating, and boy, did those two get a lot of candy.

They were even nice enough, or was it greedy enough, to take out Brynlee's trick or treat bag to get filled also. Cynthia bought the kids some trick or treat bags, that made noises. They were cute, and full!

Marc dressed in an old skool Misfits Tee and a white suit, along with matching misfits shoes, he was dressed to impress! Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of him in his costume during all of the chaos.

We started out our day by picking up uncle Marc-y at Little America, downtown.

He had stayed there at the beginning of his visit!

We then headed down to Thanksgiving point for lunch with Joe, then off to Grandma W. for a visit.

While we were there, Jess and Kati were with their kids. They left, then Denis and his crew showed up! WOW! Marc has not seen a lot of these people since my wedding, well, that is the last time.

So after that, off to the grocery store, and home to make some homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, my dip ( courteous of Mary) and wait for Pappers and Grandma to come out for dinner.

The food was delicous, company was great. Aunt Bren, Uncle Marty and Austin showed up in time for some food and trick or treating too!

The kids had so much fun. Especially Brax. First dragging out uncle mookey, then dragging out Austin. Boy , is he spoiled or what?

Anyway, thanks for all who came out to see Marc, and thanks to those who came out for dinner. Our holiday was great. Now on to the next.....


We may skip a part of that and get decorating for Christmas, since we will be hosting the family party, and with me working weekends, we will have less time to decorate. Oh boy!