Thursday, September 3, 2009


Braxton is 5 now! He celebrated with a pizza and movie party with his friends from the neighborhood and school. Was that a crazy day or what? Too many kids, too little adults to handle them!

He was spoiled rotten with gifts and attention, and even with the food.

He had cupcakes to serve and the pizza didn't last long.

Miko and Brian came up and helped with the kids, and let's just say, the kids won!

All in all it was a funtabulous day for my little man!

We also went to dinner at Tepanyaki to celebrate with Grandma & Crumpa Wilson.

Sushi and chopsticks is the only way to celebrate!!!

Last Day of Preschool!

Wow! Tears of joy! The last day of preschool for Braxton, and now looking upon Kindergarten.

My baby is 5, and going on 20 already.

Not much of a summer ahead, due to my recovery, but we will fit in some fun times, fun visits, and of course, SCHOOL SHOPPING!

Braxton had some wonderful teachers at preschool. He also made some awesome friends, Ian is one of them.

He and Braxton have been going to preschool together for the past two years.

Both the boys are quite sad that they won't be going to the same elementary school.

Joe, Brynlee and I really enjoyed their last day program. They had an adorable video of all the kids and teachers, sang songs, told stories and served treats afterwards.

We are all excited for our new adventure with Midgie ( Braxton )!!!