Thursday, June 19, 2008

I have been Tagged!

Thanks for tagging me Kati:
Okay here are the rules: You link back to the person who tagged you, Post these rules on your blog, Share six unimportant things about yourself & Tag six random people at the end of your entry. Let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs. Enjoy the results!

1. I am really shy- UNTIL you get to know me, then I can't SHUT UP!

2. I love going in the tanning beds for some quiet time, heat, and sanity

3. I am not very good about maintaining my hair color and my fake nails!

4. I am a gigantic animal lover and truly wish I could own two of each kind of animal

5. My middle name is Jo, my cat's middle name is Jo, Brynlee's middle name is Jo and I married a Joe!

6. Sometimes I get too consumed by my kids, hubby, friends and family, that I forget who Jen really is!

I tag: Britt, Amber, Naomi, Melissa, Becky, and Cheltsy

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tee Ball Tyke!

WOW! Tee Ball is over! There were only 8 games, but since they started right when Brynlee was being born- things were crazy!

Braxton managed to make it to every game, except the ones that were cancelled.

Joe was the lucky one, and I volunteered him to coach! He wasn't to happy with me in the beginning, but when it was all said and done, I think he actually enjoyed it.

Joe coached 10 other kids, and boy did he have his hands full.

Normally, I would feel bad for him, with all of those loud, crazy kids, but hey! I am home with ours all day, every day, so no sympathy from me!

Braxton had a lot of fun, and made some new friends.

He even won a trophy in the end ( well, all the teams did!)

If you ask him though, HE WON!!!

Can't wait til the fall league........

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A day out with the kids????

Okay ladies!

Summer is here and us mom's have got to find some sanity!
We also need to find some fun things for our kids to do this summer.
This will help educate them, and also help with behavior. If we plan some outings, they will be a great reward for good behavior!!!

So, I am going to try and plan an outing or get together of some kind, at the least, twice a month!

I want everyone's opinion, so the majority will rule, on which activity we do. Please pass this on to whomever you would like to! The more , the merrier!!!

1. Which days of the week do you think are best?

2. Which activity do you want to start out with?

So here is a list of some things, and prices: ( if you have an idea, wherever it may be, please send it to me! )

Hogle Zoo (Salt Lake )
Adults, $8 Children 3-12 $6 ( children under are free) Dinosaur Park- Ogden
2-12$4 Adults $6

Living Planet Aquarium Sandy
Adults $8 3-17 $6 under free

Thanksgiving point petting zoo: Lehi
Adults 3.50 for adult and children 2 and under are free!
Dinosaur museum : $10 for adults $8 for children

Utah Children's Museum SLC ( Gateway )
$8.50 for everyone

Red Butte Garden's SLC
$6 for adults $4 for children

Tracy Aviary SLC
adults $5 children $3

Bouncing off the Walls Sandy
Children $5 parents free

Classic Skate and water park:

Boondocks ( draper )

Golf Mulligan's Miniature : Sandy

Local Parks for some play !!

Thanks! and let me know ASAP so I can start getting some stuff planned!