Monday, October 13, 2008

Very long time, so much has happened!

Oh my! Yes, I have risen from the dead!
This past few months has been so crazy that it is a blur, and has gone by so fast!
Braxton started another year of preschool!
His new teacher is great, and he is making new friends.
Brynlee is getting so big, and just about to crawl.
She decided she didn't want to learn how to sit up well, instead, she would rather be more mobile.
The stinker can sure get around our house somehow though!!!
Joe has been building away, but the market isn't looking good. It is starting to slow down, and we will have to find some basements to finish, decks to build, or Joe may have to work at the shop!
I have gone back to work, part time-full time!
I have my little blog going for all of the fun stuff !
I make some, and buy the rest!
Right now, I am in the process of making tutus! Oh my, they are so cute, and I am noticing that they are different from everyone elses.
Most people tie their tulle on, not me, I am literally sewing it all together by hand, and my hands are NOT happy!
I am going to attempt to make my costume for Halloween this year, and if you come by the boutique this weekend, or the Moster Block Party on the 25th, you can see it for yourself!

I have also been accepted into the Midvale Quilted Bear! Boy, they seem so hard to get into these days!
I noticed last night that I sold my first item, a hair clippie, on the 8th of October!

My brother is also coming into town, the end of the month, to take Braxton trick or treating.
We have a day planned at Lagoon, if anyone would like to join us!
November 1st, it is a Saturday, and the last day of the season!

Also, if anyone goes to a haunted house, please call me! I want to go soo bad, and Joe won't go with me!

I hope to update again soon!
Much love,