Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The show from HELL

I wake up Saturday morning, nervous and excited for my big show at South Towne Expo.
The drive over is great, got the kids in the car, and Britney Spears blasting for me and Brax to sing along to.
We arrive and I head into the expo. Got the tune " On my radar" going through my head.....
It is 7:30, and my event manager is supposed to be here to let me in my rooms so we can start mapping it out, and taping it off, for the booths....
Well, he isn't.
I find someone, who let's me in my rooms, when I then realize that my 3 rooms, are only 2 rooms.
Joe peaks into the 3rd room to find a billion chairs set up for some sort of conference, and the wall divider still in place.
We don't panic, instead we start taping off what we can.
Finally at about 8 ish, my manager shows up, and drops the BOMB!!!!
2 out of 4 shows going on today have been cancelled, and you know what? Those 2 were the big ones!!!!
I don't panic again, since I had placed that AWESOME ad in the trib and deseret news. Hello, my show is just fine!!!
So I decide to pull a vendor meeting to notify them of this, and give them the option of not working Sunday if it is slow.
Well, this is where it all starts hitting the fan.....
I have 1 vendor set up and immediately tear down ( forgetting to pay me the booth fee) then about 2 hrs. later, the seated massage people are outta there! Oh yeah, at about 2 a jewelry vendor decides to leave, starting a whole ricochet effect with vendors. They are all tearing down, and the show is supposed to go til 6. Well, 7 out of my 25 or so vendors decide to stay with me, and try again for Sunday.
You know, if is hard when you feel as if you let other people down, but you know what? I will be damned if I blame myself for this. It was outta my hands, and I NEED TO MAKE THE BEST OF THIS CRAPPY SITUATION! So I did!
Sunday, I found out we had 123 people walk through our show on Sat. and Sunday, I was able to get to know my vendors, get work done, network a little, and even visit with my uncle Lonnie for a few......
The day turned out to be one of the best, as I learned how much DRIVE I have. I am determined to do this! I am committed, and I will ride out the storm! I also have a few others that are willing to do it with me, I couldn't be more lucky!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ouch, I am getting DIZZY!

Okay, so as I posted last, I bought a gym membership. Can I say that, that was the best thing I have done all year?
Boy, what a reality check to be weighed, pinched, and all, by someone other than myself, friends or family. A STRANGER!
Fallon, she is my trainer, was worth in one visit, the cost of all 3!!!
I am comfortable with her, and do not feel the judgement that I even sometimes feel from friends.
I worked out with her today, and oh my hell!!!!!
I was doing some step things, and started getting dizzy. Yes, dizzy enough that I about passed out in the gym!
So, Fallon was off to get me a powerade, and it did help. Apparently, my blood sugar was QUITE LOW! I didn't eat long enough before my workout, and so I hadn't started digesting stuff. I would have never known that much. I guess I should have had the egg this morning , for some protein instead of the 1/2 cup of oatmeal, and fat free yoplait yogurt.
I am on a 1400 calorie a day diet, and you know what? I can still have CARBS!! Yes, CARBS!!
I have been having wheat bagels, wheat pasta ( not as yucky as I remember).
I got rid of the pop AGAIN, but am on crystal light and am loving it!
So, later today, Joe came home early, and we were off to the gym again.
Yes, I am really getting some awesome support from the hubby. He joined with me, FOR me, against his will, and it is sooooo nice having him with me. He has hopped on this lil diet part too, and didn't complain at dinner tonight.
If you are looking to get healthier, lose weight, etc. It is MUCH nicer to have someone supporting you, whether it is a friend, or your spouse.
I want to get some of my friends going with me too. I think we could teach each other a few tricks, not to mention, get to hang out, without the kids! How much fun would that be?
Who is up for it?
Anyway, thanks for listening to my fun, yet embarassing experience at the gym today. At least I didn't fart doing sit ups or something like that, YET..............................


Sunday, May 10, 2009

So Long ago.....

It has been a long time, since I have MADE the time to update this blog.

Boy, have I really let life get busy around here, and made other things my priorities.

Today, was the most wonderful Mother's Day! I couldn't have asked for a better day.

I was able to sleep in, lay in bed til 10, and even cuddle with the fam a little.

I was surprised with some beautiful artwork from my prince charming ( Brax ) and a much wanted gift certificate to the Buckle, for some cute capris!! It even included a personal shopping day, with the buckle, something new, I guess, sounds cool, either way.

After a bowl of cheerios, we were off to drop off some Mother's Day gifts, and then off to start MY day!

Of course, I wanted to go GOLFING!! Yes, the secret is out. I LOVE TO GOLF, although I REALLY suck.

I love getting out, hitting a ball, or diveting a bunch, and laughing at myself.

Now, NO, I do not take score, but I did make 1 hole, with 1 over par. Not to bad.

I ended up golfing bare foot, since I wore the CUTEST platform sandals. Yeah, stylin out there.

I can say, I did not lose my pink, breast cancer awareness ball, but Joe went through a few and even found a yellow one that read " SHIT" on it. That should have been my ball for the day.

Needless to say, a 5 yr. old, and an old guy, losing his hearing ( Joe ) kicked my arse, horribly today!

It was fun though, okay? Yup, family time, golfing = FUN.

Now, off on a scavenger hunt for a Sushi restaurant that is open at 2 on a Sunday. Yup, good freaking luck, here in Utah.

After trying 4 places, it was off to the zoo. We spent about an hour there, then off to Tepenyaki for my SUSHI!

There is nothing better than stuffing your face, and then heading to the.........

GYM! Yes, we took off, over to 24 Hr. Fitness...................................

A little bit of money later, and both JOE AND I are signed up!

If you know Joe, oh hell no, is he getting a pass, well he did.

We look at it this way, DATE NIGHTS! We NEVER get away from the kids, so why not put them in the play land, and we can work out TOGETHER, and enjoy quality time ALONE?

Besides, we both need to start working on healthier habits to incorporate into our lives, and the kids, and really need to set an example.

So, wish us luck! We are on a quest.... a healthier lifestyle!

Oh, and if I start looking way sexy really soon, I will have to thank my new PERSONAL TRAINER! Yup, this chunky chic, starts tomorrow morning. No putting it off.

So, I will update you soon, on my new habits ( not smoking, drugs, or fun stuff) my new workout regimin, dummies!!!

I hope all the mommies of 2 legged, and 4 leggeds had a great day. Mine could not have been better in any shape or form. Me and my family. Spending the day with the loves of my life...

Be back really soon!