Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ladies Night! ( Okay, mid day)

Hi Girls!

Just letting you know about the boutique at my house- this coming Saturday, the 2nd of August.

There will be tonz of stuff for us girls, and our babies and kids. I am hoping to get the guys shirts done, so they aren't left out of the loop!

Here is what we will have:
Jo Mama's Shoes

Gold Canyon Candles


Tinker Bear Gifts ( binkie bling, bracelets, hair clippies, head bands, beanies, baby clothing, toddler shirts, and more)

Heart String Designs Scrapbook items

Tiffany style jewelry

Beaded watches

Baby Kisses Jewelry

Women's Bags, Tee Shirts, Tanks, and hot pants!

We will also have
Tamara here, with her latest CD!!!

Address is:
4331 West 8970 South
West Jordan
(Enter from 4800 W)

10 am -1 pm

Friday, July 18, 2008

More pic's of what I am truly blessed for:

I am truly blessed....

I awoke today, thinking about how blessed I am, how blessed all of us are, to be here, in life, with the people we love, doing things we love, and learning about new things to love.

I met some new people last night, unfortunately, at a viewing, and although they were in despair, they were still so kind, open, and affectionate with me.

Life is short. We need to appreciate the things, and people we do have, not ponder and wish for the things we don't.

We need to show more love to those people in our lives who have made a difference, whether it is a big or small one.

Always tell people that you love them, guys or girls, you never know if it may be the last time, and you don't want to have the regret that you never let them know how special they are to you.

Here are some things that I feel I am truly blessed for:

1. My 4 senses

I can feel the touch of my children's hands, or their kiss on my cheek. Joe's kisses every morning on my forehead or cheek as I lay sleeping...

I can smell the beautiful flowers around me, the smell of a new baby, the smell of Joe's skin. ( don't ask, I can't explain)...

I can hear Braxton singing to me, or telling me how much he loves me and how SEXY I am....

I can see the beauty in the world. I can see the awe in my children's eyes as they see something for the first time. I can see myself in them.

I am able to see how much my husband adores and loves our children and even me....

2. I am so blessed to have the wonderful, loving, forgiving, patient husband that I have. He adores us, his family. He works hard every day to provide a nice home for us. He partakes in all parenting activities, diaper changes, baths, some housework, feedings, etc.

He gives me that unconditional love, and forgiveness he has at times that I don't really deserve it.

3. My children, Braxton and Brynlee. Both deserve a better mother... They are both the true loves of my life. They make me want to be a better person, make better choices, and become stronger within myself.

They bring out the beauty in my life, and the innocence.

4. My other children, Sassy, Smokey,Scooby, Gizmo, Snowball, Molly, Max and Trixie Lou Who....

The pure innocence of an animal is undescribable. Their loyalty to me is so strong. I can look at them with fear, or saddness, and they look back at me with that " you can do it" look.

They have been my constant companions, and will continue to be. I will never be, nor will my children be, without a 4 legged love in their lives.

5. My family, my mom, and brother.

The three of us have stuck through it all. Had our moments with eachother, and are still here for eachother.

My brother adores me, he and Braxton bring me the romance I love. The flowers Marc sends me because I am having a bad day, I can call him and cry about stupid things, and he listens, not laughs. My brother ADORES my children, he ADORES me, and is so THANKFUL for my husband.

Marc is my other "knight in shining armor".

My mom has been my rock through so many obstacles. Talk about unconditional love... She is my mommy, and such a wonderful grandmother.

At 34 she still thinks I am her baby, and tries to play mommy still..

6. My friends.... The real ones.... I don't have alot left, but those I do, I cherish.

Naomi and her family, mom and dad too. I have been "Adopted" into their family and truly feel like a part of them. They treat my children like their own, and also Joe and myself. If I ever need help, a shoulder to cry on, or some positive support, I know who to call.

Nay and I are like sisters, well we are. We can beat eachother's kids, and it is okay, ha ha! In Fact, we both expect it from one another.

We have spent a lot of time lately, sharing our thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, and helping eachother climb up another step on the ladder. I have a wonderful and unique support system with the Obergs and Neals. If I ever need a good but chewing, boy, they aren't at all hesitant to call.

I think Nay and I talk almost every day, by 9 in the morning, and without either one of us yelling at the other for calling so early.

Thank you Nay, and family for being so good to me, to us.

7. My new found Wilson family... The Wilson's hadn't been in my life much at all. In the recent years, unfortunately, at my beautiful Aunts funeral, we all started having more to do with one another.

Amber, is like my little sis, and has always been around, along with my babe, Lonnie.

My family is now accepting me for the woman I am, and not looking at any faults I may have and passing judgement. Thank you for that. I truly feel like a Wilson now, and I know a lot of my cousins are who I need to thank for that.

I also have "new"cousins, who have added some joy into my life, the in law cousins- Britt. You Britt, are so lucky to have Kati, Jess and Michelle as your sis in laws. They adore you. I know you adore them too.

BTW, I soooo miss my uncle Lonnie, our weekly get togethers and our daily chats. If he weren't my uncle, he and I would have married. We are so close, and both adore eachother. I just love him so much. I miss him so much, and I need him back in my life so much!

There are so many million things I am blessed for, and I could be here all day posting them, but will wait for another time.

Just know that you, I am blessed to have in my life, I am blessed for all who have entered my life, in any way, whether it was positive or negative.

I love you all.