Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My New Life!

This summer has been a crazy one. I made some decisions rather fast, and don't regret them one bit!

In June, after months of doing the gym thing 5 days a week, sometimes 2 hrs. each day, I made an appointment with my doctor to find out why I was not losing any weight, and hardly any inches.

My trainer Fallon and I were convinced that something was wrong with my metabolism, still think there is.... Well after a $400+ visit, nothing was wrong with me.

So after much frustration and tears, Joe had a talk with me.

He mentioned how I had always wanted to reduce the size of my chest, along with getting that "skin" taken off from my pregnancies.... Well, I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Motoki for a consult. I had the intentions to visit with many more doctors before I made my decision.

Naomi and I went to the appointment. I undressed and blew Naomi away! All of this sagging, and skin laid hidden in my clothing, until now. The truth about me is out!!!!

The doc and an assistant, Bonnie, came in. I felt so comfortable, and yet nervous at the same time.

What a reality check this was for me. They measured my breasts at an E, yes, E for elephant!!

After visiting with him, it was off to discuss options.

Naomi initially made the date for me, and I just followed up with it. It was set, July 22nd. A new me was on it's way.

Immediately, my whole innerself went through a makeover. I was not depressed, ashamed, embarrassed, I was excited and yet relieved!!!

I was going to have both procedures done, and was ready for it!

Recovery was to be 6-8 weeks, but with this story, I was only allowed 4 days!

So the date comes, I go in, I come out. My mom is here to help out with the kids for 11 days, I should be ready for the world after some relaxing, little did I know.....

My mom slowly was becoming irritable. All I could do was lay on the couch, and get up to walk every so often. The pain was minimal, lucky for me, Naomi spent the next 4 days here at my side constantly.

I had 4 drain tubes that needed to be measured and drained, tubes to be milked, wraps to be put on, Ted hose to be put on also, and pills to be taken.

Into day 3, my mom is obviously on edge. I confronted her with offering a break, and at that point she blew. Poor Naomi was here to hear it all. My mom stood at the stairs while I laid on the couch, yelling.

A few hours later, I thought she had cooled down, well, nope. She came up stairs, informed me that she would be leaving the next morning.

What can I say? I just smirked, knowing this was expected, and scrambled to figure out what I was going to do.

Naomi and I left the house. I felt so betrayed!! How could a mother do this to her child, and yet even her grand children? My poor kids felt she hated them, and poor Brax, the most.

So the next morning, now word, letter, nothing, and my mom was gone.

To this day, I have not gotten a call, and don't expect to. I don't think I have much to say to her at this point, as she really left Joe and my kids hanging and that is where my anger stems from.

Sooooo, Naomi and Joe managed to start getting me moving as I knew that Monday, I would be home alone with the kids. I can not lift Bryn, and am very limited as to what I can do.

I got showered, and got a new attitude. I can DO THIS! and I DID!

Monday came, Joe left for work, and I managed the house. Now, no housework was done, meals were heated, but hey, Joe came home to a house of smiling faces. WE HAD DONE IT!

With the help from my then 5 yr. old, now 20 year old Braxton, we handled it all!!!

We had Nay come in and check on us from time to time, but my partner in crime, Brax, managed to be my hands and legs.

The Wednesday following my surgery, I was to be in Ogden for a 3 day outdoor show.

My dad really stepped up to the plate on this one.

He came up to the hotel on Wed. night, he and Rose, and He and Joe set me up Thursday.

Joe and I manned the booth all day Thursday, and that night, Joe and Rose both had to leave, so it was us Wilson's left, to take care of 2 kids. 1 Gimp, and 1 old man.

Well, Dad got stuck on poopy diaper duty, and didn't complain much. Now if Bryn could talk, it would be fun to see what she thinks about that!

My dad and I on little sleep, did the show, in the heat, on the asphalt, and had a blast doing it. Okay, so the pain pills helped a little, wooo hooo!

The show didn't have many sales, but there was hidden blessings inside of it all.

Now, I am recovering just fine. My breasts are tiny, my tummy is tight, and I feel so BEAUTIFUL!

I have not felt beautiful since I had Braxton.

If asked if I would do this all over again, you gotta be kidding me...... HELL YEAH!

Hopefully I will have pictures to post soon. I didn't get any before ones, but am hoping my doc posts them on his site. If he does, I will post the link.

I am so proud of myself for doing this. I am so thankful for my hubby, kids, Naomi and my dad, for helping me through it all.

Til Next Time.....