Monday, January 12, 2009

Life has been....

Holy Moly! It has been forever since I posted!
Christmas and New Years have come and gone! Where in the world have I been?
For starters, Christmas was fabulous! We opened presents in candle light ( power outage) and then my dad made us the infamous CREPES!! I pounded those as if there was no tomorrow.
The kids got spoiled rotten, and that will not happen again, okay MOM!
Braxton got an awesome race track and a DS from the man, and Binny got 2 cabbage patch dolls and a jungle entertainment toy.
It was awesome!
New Year's came and was gone. Not much happened here at the Morton household.
BACK TO WORK! After 1 great weekend off in 8 months, I went back to work, and did a boutique for the Fistula Foundation. Google it. Us mom's can relate, and it is a truly awesome cause. Hint: sneeze, pee
This past weekend was a bum deal. I did a BIG SHOW, not, at a place, that is turning into a flea market!
Now, flea markets are awesome to go to, but no one is looking to spend over $5 on one item , which makes it not so fun for me!
One good thing is, as usual, I met some great people and had fun doing girl talk for a few days! I hardly ever get girl talk, it is either 4 year old, or saying NO BRYNLEE all day long!
As for the kids, can you believe Braxton is almost 5? Not me! Gotta get something low key planned for him. He wants to try bowling, so we may go on a new adventure with him!

As for Brynlee, she is just about walking. We are going nuts with this girl. She is UNSTOPABLE! She keeps us busy, that's for sure!
Joe is slowly working, but slowly is better than none!
Let's just say, we are above the water, and aren't sinking at least for a few more months! ha ha ~!
We hope everyone had great holidays!

Much love-