Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trick or Treat Spooktacular Bootique

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Kati said...

JEN! Ugh- I have so many thoughts- I hope I can get them into words! Ok- You and Joe obiously came from families that you have grown up having your own differences. WHICH IS OK- but it has definately caused feelings that have been negative. I know things have turned around with your family- which I am so happy about. BUT YOU HAVE BOTH BECOME BETTER .PERIOD. This is really an amazing concept that you have become BETTER. You are raising two amazing kids who are just so WONDERFUL and KIND and BEAUTIFUL and LOVING and FUN!!! I JUST LOVE THEM!!! Keep that chin up, keep smiling and try and just forget about them till they come around if that ever happens. You hear the phrase "forgive and forget" forgive them and forget them. :) I am sorry that Joe has to go through this. He is really such a great man- I don't know why his family can't see that!?!?!? As for his wife :), My dad's parents NEVER liked my mom much- so I can see how WONDERFUL daughter-in-laws aren't valued the way they should be. I actually feel bad for your in-laws that they are missing out on your awesome, fun, generous, and loving family!

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