Friday, October 30, 2009

It's almost Time!!

We are so stinking excited, at the Morton household, for HALLOWEEN!

We have our costumes, and our house and yard decorated!

It has been a fun month, with a Trick or Treat Bootique, and school things!

Braxton this year, is now " Jedi". He picked out the costume while we were at Disney World in Sept.

He has been invited to his first Hallween Party, which is today. He is super excited, to work some jedi powers on the other kids!

Brynlee was spoiled, and our wonderful friend Rozzi, made her costume. She is Snow White.

She doesn't have the dark hair anymore, but maybe Snow White, wanted to lighten up her locks anyway, right?

Joe is going to be a Pirate! Boy am I excited for that one! He has the whole get up, and I am hoping to get some pic's done tomorrow!!!

Me, well, I am spoiled too, and Rozzi custom made my costume, and I will be Snow White too.

I will have the hair though, and the horrible red lipstick, and bright red cheeks.

We have Miko, Brian and their kids coming over tomorrow, along with Crumpa. He is going to take the kids out trick or treating.

We will also go and visit Great Grandma Wilson, so she can see the kids in their costumes, and afterwards, may hit a mall for some trick or treating.

Pizza for dinner, and a spooky yard for our guests.... I can't wait!

Here are some pic's from the show, in my costume, and also some phone pic's of the kids in theirs!

I hope everyone has a safe, but FUN halloween!

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