Sunday, November 29, 2009


The month of November is almost over... We are embarking on the Holidays, the grand one.

I think of all the things I have to be thankful for, and don't have enough time to write them all down.

I am so thankful for having such a blessed life. There are so many people out there that have it worse than I,, or don't feel as blessed as Ido.

We are all so blessed, in so many, different ways.

We have our health, our families, our friends. We have homes we live in, cars we drive, and jobs to support us. A lot of this, we take for granted way to much.

When I was a young girl, I wanted badly to be two things in this life.

I have accomplished both of these things, not mastered.

1. a Wife

2. a Mother

I feel that without eachother, these are nothing to me. I needed to love someone with all of my heart, and I needed that love back. I get this from Joe. He gives me such unconditional love and support, that at times, I feel I don't deserve it.

Talk about unconditional love. My kids.

Braxton is my prince Charming, my romance, my little rock. He is always there telling me how pretty and "skinny" I am. Always mentioning how he wants to buy me diamonds.

He is there to wipe my tears, and also to hear my apoligies, when I am not the most perfect mommy.

My little Brynlee, our princess. She has taught me so much in her short 1 1/2 years with us.

Her smile, her soft cry, her words that only I can understand. Her hugs and now her kisses.

The way she looks at me, the way I look at her.

I never felt such a deep love, until these two appeared in my life.

I can never forget the true unconditional love, that of my 4 legged kids.

My Smokey, bless his soul, left me 2 years ago, and it still feels like just yesterday. My heart aches to hold him, to be yelled at by him, to hear his purr.

My sweet best friend in the UNIVERSE, my Bebe a Lebe, my Sassy Jo.

She has been with me for 16 + years, and never leaves me. She understands me, and loves me.

My Scooby Snax... Her chunkiness, her loving personality, and the thump as she jumps on my lap...

Deezer Liz, Gizmo... Circus Kitty jumps, the lick of my nose, the rubbing on my head...

B Ball, Snow ball. His snuggles into my neck, and lips kisses no one can match.

Our Sweet Molly, oh how she has brought so much joy to our family. Her puppy personality, yet her motherly touch to our kids.

Max... My little guard dog, my mushy face. He is always there at my feet in the morning, and in my bed at night.

Our little Trixie Lou Who.( Turtle) We love her so, we let her roam on the kitchen floor, take her outside in the summer, and let her get lost, where Molly can find her.

My house is a full one, but such a happy one too.

I hope everyone had a beautiful thanksgiving, and gave thanks to the man above for all of the wondrous things he has provided us with.

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Kati said...

I am thankful for YOU!