Monday, May 17, 2010

Angels Among us....

Every day, I try to find the wonderful things that other's are doing.
I see lot's of angels walking among us, and figured we should notice this more often.
Most recently, I am seeing a community come together, for the reason, of a little angel, whose time was cut short here on earth.
Little Ethan Stacy.....
On Facebook, their are numerous groups dedicated to this little boy, whom most of us didn't even know, yet, his story has touched us one way or another.
People are offering burial plots, money, services and more, for complete strangers. Wow! This is truly what paying it forward means.

Pay it forward people! We one day could be on the receiving end, and would appreciate all the help offered.

We are not immune from diseases, housefires, automobile accidents, horriffic deaths and more.
Why not help others, especially if you are in a place, where you can?
It isn't just money that helps, it is effort, a shoulder, and your heart filled with love and empathy for others.
The little things DO count, trust me. The little notes, the prayer at night, the thought that goes along with it.

Open your hearts, open your mind, and get creative with ways to help others. Without eachother, we are nothing. Remember that.

To end this post, thank the Lord for what you do have, and don't focus on what you do not have. Love others, and always be someone to help. Service of others brings such great feelings to you. Your heart fills with so much happiness. I am one who lives this, so I definitely, practice what I preach when it comes to this.

If someone runs out of gas, buy a little for them.
If someone is broken down, help them push their car
If someone can't pay the utility bill, help with that, or gather help
Mow a neighbors yard who isn't as able to do that as you
Teach a child to love others, and help
Cash in your coin jars, and kids jars, and donate the money to a foundation or cause you want to.
Open the door in a store for others
Help someone with their groceries

*Great examples of how to be on of the angels walking amongst us....

Much love,

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Kati said...

I read and read and read about the Ethan Stacy story. Crying, looking at picture, unbelief of it all- wow. Man it make me give my kids a lot of extra love and those cute little neighbor kids that picked every single tulip bud in my yard :) This was devistating, but it is how we live that combacts such evil. Service- you know it- just like my mom.